SuccessMapping® Interactive Tools

SUCCESS MAP ™ – as you move through each Step and Checkpoint of SuccessMapping® use the Success Map to record and prioritize your best thoughts and actions to start and keep moving forward to achieve an important personal or business goal.

WS1 - Goal Check

WS1 - Goal Check

Goal Check – here's how to aim for what you want. This worksheet helps you easily determine: "How achievable is my goal? Based on my answers from the Goal Check questions, where are my strengths and issues? And, what is really required from me and others to ensure my success?"

WS2 - Your Power of Choice Exercise

Your Power of Choice Exercise – as you decide and then declare your intention to really achieve a specific career or business objective, this exercise on how-to engage by design vs. default or opposition helps your recognize, seek-out and take action on goal relevant situations to help you more easily achieve your goal.

WS3 - Personal Strengths Inventory

Personal Strengths Inventory – doing something different does not have to be hard! Use the Personal Strengths Inventory to determine what personal strengths would be needed for anyone to achieve what you want and then determine what strengths you have in common that you can take action on to leverage.

WS4 - Using Your Personal Strengths

Using Your Personal Strengths – the tool that helps you determine best thoughts and actions to utilize or leverage your most goal relevant personal strengths identified in the Personal Strengths Inventory.

WS5 - Problem-Solving Process

Problem-Solving Process – a step-by-step process to flush out any unresolved obstacles, internal or external, that could block you from achieving what you want. This tool is your guide to resolve a potential stumbling block, and discover new business and personal opportunities.

WS6 - Collaborative Conversation Plan

Collaborative Conversation Plan – a highly effective and comprehensive outline to plan and conduct conversations to ask and get needed additional support or resources, with outcomes of mutual gain and strengthened relationships.

WS7 - Decision Matrix

Decision Matrix – the SuccessMapping® worksheet that helps you quickly and confidently make informed decisions, knowing which action to take or not, and why. Commit to YES and go for it—or—say NO and walk away, confident that you made the best decision. No regrets.

WS8 - How to Recognize Your Change Dynamics

How to Recognize Your Change Dynamics – Don't let any change dynamic, needing to be or different to have what you want, sabotage your strategy for success! This powerful SuccessMapping® worksheet helps you identify and take control of any thoughts, feelings, or actions that give you the clear signal, "You are about to sabotage what you want to achieve. Move past this change challenge and seize the opportunities!"

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