Customer Value Conversations (CVC)

Customer Value Conversations Workshop by Arlene Johnson

The consultative conversation process that enables highly productive client conversations for individual and joint conversations and sales calls. CVC is a tactical and repeatable conversation process that helps you to plan and conduct conversations that ensure each client conversation results in gained critical client knowledge and important partnering action commitments.

In a complex and challenging business environment, CVC gives your sales, business development and customer interfacing people the competitive edge. The structured conversation framework enables all team members to plan and conduct client conversations that are client-centric in intention and results-oriented in outcome. Each program participant's communication skills and habits are evaluated and enhanced.

CVC also focuses on skill development to improve strategic obstacle management, and to ensure recommendations are customer aligned and agreed to in order to reduce the opportunity cycle, strengthen relationships and win more business.

Customer Value Conversations – Workshop Objectives

Customer Value Conversations Worksheets by Arlene Johnson
  • Engage the customer earlier in the buyer's cycle
  • Pursue and invest resources in the "right opportunities"
  • Gain differentiating client knowledge with each client conversation
  • Gain agreements on customer value based recommendations
  • Secure partnering agreements for next best actions
    with each client conversation
  • Manage client buying obstacles strategically and effectively
  • Strengthen credibility and relationships with each client interaction
  • Reduce opportunity cycles and increase win-rates

Each participant leaves the program with a completed Call Plan for their next most important client conversation, internal or external; a Personal Profile report on their individual communication style; and a consultative conversation process with a common call planning language for joint team calls.

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