Thomas C.G. Henderson

Assistant Dean, Business Development; Executive Education - School of Management; University of Texas at Dallas

"Arlene Johnson presented an extremely dynamic and thoughtful executive briefing for clients of UTD Executive Education. Her content of Developing a Culture of Change Leadership was cutting edge, world class in terms of relevancy, application and academic underpinning. It was delivered in an entertaining yet serious manner. Arlene’s style is warm yet compelling. We couldn’t have been more pleased with the job she did. Kudos to Arlene – a top notch facilitator, presenter and thought leader in her field. I would recommend her as a serious presenter who not only “knows her stuff”, but as someone who can help executives bring their teams together to drive business results. Arlene was also extremely easy to work with. She has a wonderful personality and listened to our needs, and the needs of her audience, throughout the engagement. She is the full package of smarts, delivery style and relevancy that makes her so wonderful."

Sherry McKinley

President, The Newsletter Company

"I just finished Arlene Johnson's Success Mapping: Achieve What You Want Right Now! I used it as a roadmap to get focused on a book I've been thinking about writing. I'm well on my way, thank you Arlene!"

Brian Tracy

Author - Goals!

"This is an amazing book! It is loaded with powerful ideas to help anyone succeed faster in every area."

Jack Canfield

Co-author of The Success Principles: How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

"There really is a map, that if followed will lead you to the success you've always wanted. Arlene Johnson has captured that map and presented it brilliantly in SuccessMapping®. All you have to do is buy SuccessMapping® and follow the steps."

Jason Jennings

Bestselling author of Hit The Ground Running, Think BIG-Act Small and Less Is More

"The achievement of success isn't accidental. It's always intentional. SuccessMapping® will show you how – one step at a time – to achieve the things you really want from life. A most remarkable book and life tool!"

Ebby Halliday

Founder and Chairman of Ebby Halliday, Realtors

"SuccessMapping® by Arlene Johnson is a fresh approach to success for those who follow the road."

Larry Dossey, MD

Author of The Power of Premonitions

"SuccessMapping® is an invitation to understand one's self – goals, motivation, choices, intentions – and how to translate this self-knowledge into business success. This may be the only business success book you'll ever need."

Wendy Kastner

EarthLink, Inc., Senior Manager, Creative Services

“I’ve felt as though I was standing in front of a locked door to what I want to next achieve. Your talk on the Eight Success Blockers from SuccessMapping® is the “key” I’ve been looking for, and the tool that I know will let me march right through that door – it puts me back on course to a wonderful destination!” 

Sam Reese

Miller Heiman, President

SuccessMapping® will give you all of the precise tools and techniques you need to achieve your goals. Arlene simplifies a very difficult concept in a way that makes it easy to start taking action immediately. This is a great read for anyone committed to sustainable success.”


Director of Program Management, Government Contractor

“Wow, this really works! By using the business value statement from your Customer Value Conversations program – I just got a client meeting that I’ve not been able to secure in the past, thanks Arlene.”

Sue Dark

Deep Nines Technologies, CEO

“I love this book! It's the perfect guide for achieving success in the 21st century. Don't open it unless you want to change your life."

Steve Pirnat

John Zink Company, LLC, President & CEO

"SuccessMapping® is a practical process that can transform dreams into realities."

Jim Falk

University of North Texas, World Affairs Council of Dallas/Fort Worth, Adjunct Professor

“During this time of economic uncertainty, taking control over your life has never been more important. If you have secretly wanted to do something else and have been putting it off, SuccessMapping® will drive you to action. This is not an academic treatise; it is a simple “Get Started” manual to identify, evaluate and take charge of what you want to do and who you want to be.

We all have unrealized aspirations and underutilized strengths. What separates pipedreams from reality is a purposeful and realistic plan. SuccessMapping® provides concisely and clearly what it takes to move forward. It also anticipates bumps in the highway, allowing you the opportunity to regroup while staying committed to reaching your goal. SuccessMapping® is an essential planning tool to reach your potential.”

Brant Dahlfors

Bombardier Business Aircraft, Vice President of Sales

"SuccessMapping® is goal setting to a much higher level. The steps provided not only help plan your success but also keep you from falling along the way. If you are serious about getting ahead, accumulating wealth or simply changing your life in a positive way – here is your road map to success!

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