The Mapping Change® Workshop Resources

Mapping Change® Workshop

Lead the change you want to ensure career and business success!

The Mapping Change® Workshop utilizes the SuccessMapping® strategy
and step-by-step process to map best decisions and actions to accomplish
important career or business change objectives.

You leave the Mapping Change Workshop with a completed Success Map™ to ...

Train-the-Trainer Mapping Change® Workshop Resources

Mapping Change® Workshop - Train the Trainer

Provide your clients with the Mapping Change® process that promotes change,
exceeds customer expectations and ensures industry excellence!

As an external or internal business consultant for your client or company, you are now able to use the step-by-step strategy, tools and worksheets of SuccessMapping® and the Mapping Change® Workshop to teach and coach key talent on how to map change to achieve critical business initiatives!

As the Trainer, you will be certified to deliver ...

Customer Value Conversations Workshop by Arlene Johnson

Customer Value Conversations (CVC)

The consultative conversation process that enables highly productive client
conversations for individual and joint conversations and sales calls.

CVC is a tactical and repeatable conversation process that helps you to plan and conduct conversations that ensure each client conversation results in gained critical client knowledge and important partnering action commitments.

In a complex and challenging business environment, CVC gives your sales, business development and customer interfacing people the competitive edge. The structured conversation ...

Customer Value Conversations Workshop by Arlene Johnson

Value Based Negotiations

An intuitive and repeatable process for protecting profit margins and
relationships in sometimes complex negotiating situations

The Sinequanon Group negotiation workshop teaches a rigorous and systematic method for preparing and conducting negotiations. Participants learn how to structure interest based versus positional negotiation conversations. This collaborative framework helps identify needs to create negotiable variables other than pricing, protect critical relationships, and manage hard bargainers.

Each participant walks away with an individual and team value based communication and negotiations process. The program includes ...

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