Keynote Topic: Developing a Change-Ready Sales Culture by Arlene Johnson

Developing a Change-Ready Sales Culture

When promoted to your role in sales management, did you realize that your success not only hinged on how to motivate and manage a sales organization, but also on how to lead and manage change?

In a changing business environment with more questions than answers, leading a sales organization to achieve desired sales results is an accomplishment unto itself. So when an organization consistently wins, ah, that’s when the market takes notice and pays attention. As a global performance consultant working with industry leaders, other than a differentiating strategy, structure or product offering, I’ve found there’s always one key win indicator – their ability to discover and act on needed and relevant change. The attitude and aptitude for all of the sales organization to be fully engaged in change is required and ongoing.

When your sales organization is operating from a change-ready culture, you know what changes are most relevant and you’re ready to seize the opportunity. Being a change leader in your industry attracts key talent like a magnet and positions your sales organization to experience sustainable revenue and market growth. That’s powerful and certainly more fun!

Keynote Topic: To Grow Your Business…Protect What's Valued, Change What's Not! by Arlene Johnson

To Grow Your Business…Protect What's Valued, Change What's Not!

At the end of the day, are you and your company keeping pace or gaining advantage? In today's business environment, it's critical to make the right business decisions and changes to ensure exponential business growth.

Arlene Johnson shares the three ways to protect what has high value for you and your customers, and change what does not!

You and your company will walk away from Arlene's Mapping Change® presentation with concrete steps that will focus everyone on doing the right things at the right time to:

  • Differentiate you in your industry
  • Protect and grow important customer relationships
  • Leverage company talent to more easily achieve new business goals

Arlene customizes her highly engaging Mapping Change® presentation to align to your business objective's challenges and goals. Each participant leaves with practical actions to change what is not valued, and protect and grow what is!

Keynote Topic: Value Based Negotiations by Arlene Johnson

Value Based Negotiations

Learn a rigorous and systematic method for preparing and conducting negotiations by structuring interest based versus positional negotiation conversations. Arlene will help you to identify needs to create negotiable variables other than pricing, protect critical relationships, and manage hard bargainers. The result is an intuitive and repeatable process for protecting profit margins and relationships in sometimes complex negotiating situations.

Balance tangible and intangible negotiation tensions to support mutual gain outcomes while assessing and leveraging your personal conflict and negotiation approach. Learn to evaluate the impact of positional vs. interest based negotiations, and manage the challenges of a difficult situation or negotiator. Engage a systematic negotiation philosophy and process framework for customer conversations – reducing concessions and protecting profits and relationships.

Keynote Topic: The Eight Success Blockers by Arlene Johnson

The Eight Success Blockers

The Eight Success Blockers: often subtle, can be toxic to our success as individuals and within our organizations. Even with a firm conviction that we are capable and armed with the right resources to achieve a specific goal, we can stall out and stop taking action before we accomplish what we set out to.

What keeps preventing us from starting or completing what we next want to accomplish? What prevents us from being recognized as a high value contributor or experiencing more success in our business and personal lives?

There are eight major reasons—“success blockers”—that can stop you from starting something you want to achieve or completing it once you’ve started. Organizations suffer when individuals stop seeking within, or start seeking outside, the company to discover different ways to achieve more of their potential and new levels of success.

Keynote Topic: Customer Value Conversations by Arlene Johnson

Customer Value Conversations

The consultative conversation process that enables highly productive client conversations for individual and joint conversations and sales calls. CVC is a tactical and repeatable conversation process that helps you to plan and conduct conversations that ensure each client conversation results in gained critical client knowledge and important partnering action commitments.

In a complex and challenging business environment, CVC gives your sales, business development and customer interfacing people the competitive edge. The structured conversation framework enables all team members to plan and conduct client conversations that are client-centric in intention and results-oriented in outcome. Each program participant's communication skills and habits are evaluated and enhanced.

Keynote Topic: The Four Critical Client Agreements by Arlene Johnson

The Four Critical Client Agreements

It happens to us all…an important client meeting with “less than desired” results.

With a little planning and a partnering process for the conversation you’ll have with your prospect or client, you can replace that sinking feeling with the knowledge that you’ve gained differentiating client knowledge and critical partnering agreements in order to move forward in the opportunity cycle and win the business.

Suppose you are preparing for an important client conversation. With “less than complete” client knowledge, your discussion, if not “target on”, could produce a meeting outcome of buyer delays, at best.

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