Mapping Change® Workshop - Train the Trainer

Provide your clients with the Mapping Change® process that promotes change,
exceeds customer expectations and ensures industry excellence!

As an external or internal business consultant for your client or company, you are now able to use the step-by-step strategy, tools and worksheets of SuccessMapping® and the Mapping Change® Workshop to teach and coach key talent on how to map change to achieve critical business initiatives!

As the Trainer, you will be certified to deliver the Mapping Change® Workshop. You will learn how to utilize innovative and proven performance processes to help key talent be externally focused and internally connected with strategies of best decisions and actions to be change leaders. This is a competitive advantage!

Included in your Mapping Change® Workshop trainer kit:

  • Leader's guide
  • Participant workbook
  • CD (includes powerpoint and electronic Mapping Change® worksheets)
  • Copy of the book - SuccessMapping®: Achieve What You Want Right Now!

Your participants leave the Mapping Change® Workshop with a completed Success Map™ of best decisions and actions to:

  • Ensure a critical project meets and exceeds their business expectations
  • Protect and grow what is valued now in their career and business group
  • Create change and achieve a new important business objective

Who should attend your Mapping Change® Workshop: executives, managers and individual leaders whose focus, efforts
and business results must align to their key customer's objectives and change expectations.

Benefits You Provide

Each participant in your Mapping Change® Workshop will:

  • Know how to move past the eight change success blockers that prevent individuals and organizations from
    experiencing more of their business and market potential.
  • Complete their Success Map™ of best decisions and actions to achieve an important individual or team change
    project or business objective.
  • Have a "how-to" mapping process to use as a coaching and change management performance tool.

Your participants learn how to:
  • Focus energies on what matters most
  • Recognize the cost of default behaviors and the value of choosing to engage in change-relevant opportunities
  • Leverage change relevant strengths to more easily achieve a business goal
  • Identify and resolve change obstacles, in advance
  • Ask and get needed support using a collaborative process
  • Make informed decisions that save time and are easy to commit to with no regrets
  • Prevent self-sabotage by taking charge of change dynamics

Mapping Change® Workshop Description

An interactive workshop designed for up to 24 participants. Program includes:

  • Alignment of the individual's strategy for success to the organization's key change and business initiatives
  • Pre-workshop assignment to help participants select an important business goal or change objective to map in the workshop
  • Group discussions, pair practices and role play exercises to build change leadership skills
  • Completion of a Success Map™ with best decisions and actions ready for execution to create and lead change.
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