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The intention of The Connector is to connect you with tools and resources that are focused on your success.

To connect with others, I encourage you to share how you have accelerated your individual and company success. Collective best practices will be included in upcoming issues.

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The Connector ...connecting you with tips and resources
                In This Issue - September 2012
Why Sales Organizations Struggle To Change

A Dynamite Strategy without effective execution Fizzles
Book Mention: The Brain That Changes Itself

Book Review: The Accidental Creative: How to Be Brilliant at a Moment's Notice

President Vincente Fox and the World Affairs Council

From the Desk of ...
Why Sales Organizations Struggle To Change
by Sam Reese | Chief Executive Officer - Miller Heiman, Inc.

Buzzwords are in vogue. Whether the word is transformation, enablement or re-engineering, what they really mean is change.

But to truly change, one cannot just focus on one silver bullet. The fact is any change initiative will have many moving parts and interdependencies. This is the heavy lifting that often derails change initiatives, and in many cases, this is the reason why executives never even embark on serious, well-thought out change initiatives.

Changing behaviors and changing organizational dynamics are extremely hard to do. Yet, to improve performance ... read more

A Dynamite Strategy without effective execution Fizzles
by Arlene Johnson

When challenged to earn a coveted promotion, succeed with an important business project or to win a quota busting business opportunity, we get charged.  With a vision for what the change can bring, our energy kicks in and our mind gets focused on mapping a strategy to accomplish what we want.

So, let’s say you have a new business opportunity that if won not only makes your year but also has significant strategic value to your company – a much needed win for everyone.  As you assess and develop your win-strategy, you ask yourself:  Which decisions and actions give us a competitive advantage … read more

Book Connection - to succeed, read
Arlene Recommends
The Brain That Changes Itself
By Dr. Norman Doidge

If you have thoughts or doubts about your ability to accomplish what’s most important right now, read The Brain That Changes Itself.
Your brain is malleable, quite capable of change, and is not “hardwired” regardless of age.  Dr. Doidge, a research psychiatrist and psychoanalyst shares the revolutionary discovery that the brain can change itself, as told through the stories of the scientists, doctors, and patients who have together brought about these astonishing transformations.  The Brain That Changes Itself is an interesting and life changing read.

Featured Book Review

Bob Morris, a book reviewer extraordinaire, brings his academic (MA at Yale) and business experience (as university professor, public relations and management consultant) to his succinct yet robust reviews of best-selling business books. As Bob says, “I have several professional passions: to learn, to share what I learned, and to support the work of others whom I hold in high regard. I have reviewed their books and interviewed several of them.”

Read below Bob’s book review on The Accidental Creative.  He shares how author Todd Henry provides tools to support concepts such as “If you want to deliver the right idea at the right moment, you must begin the process far upstream from when you need the idea.”

The Accidental Creative: How to Be Brilliant at a Moment's Notice
Author, Todd Henry

How and why almost anyone can learn to survive and (perhaps) thrive in a create-on-demand world.

Contrary to what this book’s subtitle suggests, even people who are highly renowned for being “brilliant” cannot turn it on "at a moment’s notice.” The great value of this book is to be found in Todd Henry’s explanation of how “purposeful preparation and training using the tools in this book will directly increase … read more

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Go to for a robust menu of tools for management, career and thinking skills.  With clients and colleagues all trying to do more with less, our selection this issue is
10 Common Time Management Mistakes

Leaders in Action
President Vincente Fox and the World Affairs Council

President Vicente Fox,
Jim Falk and Arlene

Jim Falk, president of the World Affairs Council DFW, and a group of WACDFW members were invited to Centro Fox, the library and youth leadership institute established by President and Mrs. Vicente Fox. As we toured Centro Fox, we had the chance to observe a group of high school students participate in the center’s youth seminar where they vote for a “president of the day,” attend a cabinet meeting and a U.N. Security Council session. I’ll always remember the look on the face of the student who took the oath of office from President Fox himself! The young man appeared to gain two inches in height as President Fox placed the presidential sash across his chest. It was a memorable experience that ended with a delightful meal in the home where President Fox was raised.

President Vicente Fox, a leader still leading and making a difference. Thanks to President and Mrs. Vicente Fox and the World Affairs Council DFW. If you’re interested in being a member in a World Affairs Council chapter in your part of the world, go to

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