Five Tips to Achieve Your Business Goal4 Essential Commitments to Move Your Sales Forward by Arlene Johnson

(Article subset published by The Dallas Morning News, December 22, 2011)

  1. Create a game plan

    Map out a strategy for the best decisions and actions to accomplish your goal with no delays or detours. Ask yourself: "Does achieving this goal provide the highest value for me, my company and our customers?"

  2. Make informed decisions

    Assess each action by weighing the positive and negative consequences of doing it and not doing it. If you decide to go forward, you know why and you are now committed.  If not, walk away with no regrets.  Do what works now. Recognize and engage in situations and opportunities relevant to your goal.

  3. Leverage the right strengths

    Change may require different personal strengths and competencies.  Determine the traits of people who have succeeded with what you want to accomplish.  Leverage the qualities you have, develop or utilize the strengths of others for those you lack.

  4. Seek support

    Be fearless, ask.  Take the time to prepare for a collaborative conversation and outcome.  Know exactly what you need and whom to ask.  Understand why they might say yes to your request and why they might say no.  Stress the mutual value of your request and minimize any reasons for refusal.  If rejected, look for a different resource.

  5. Prepare for change

    Moving from the comfort of the old to the unknown of the new can play havoc with the best strategy. With any potential change, be prepared to abandon your focus on the past and engage in the new and the now.


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